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Turn Your Yard Into A Healthy Yard

Photo Courtesy of Sonja Bartlett

Photo Courtesy of Sonja Bartlett

Landscape with native plants. Select species that t the sun, soil and water conditions in your yard. Healthy yards are complex systems that support people, plants and animals.

Healthy soil means healthy plants that can withstand pests and disease.Consider testing your soil to learn what you may need to improve it.

Water your lawn deeply when needed and at the right time of day.Use mulch and compost to help retain moisture and add nutrients to your garden beds.

In most cases, you don’t need chemicals to grow a beautiful garden. Avoid routine use of herbicides and fertilizers. Identify problems, then choose the least toxic solution.

Start now. There are many ways to achieve a thriving, natural garden but it starts with deciding to take action. Redefine perfection: A healthy yard is a beautiful yard.

Three Easy Steps to Take Today


Ask your lawn care professional to switch to organic or natural gardening techniques.


If you enjoy doing your own gardening, consult our website for tips and strategies.


Take the healthy yard pledge and help spread the word!