Municipal Landscaping Policy

Expand on the City’s use of sustainable landscaping practices by committing to pesticide-free or pesticide-reduced, organic landscaping of public property.
— Rye Sustainability Plan: Land & Water Use, Section 1.2

A number of neighboring communities have adopted natural landscaping policies, regulations or laws for their public spaces. To date, the City of Rye does not have any policy, and as such, there is little or no understanding about how public lawns and fields are treated. With our increased understanding of the alarming health threats associated with chemical and synthetic landscaping practices, it is of utmost importance that we make a careful assessment of current practices, with a view to improving policies for the health of the entire community.

Recognizing that federal oversight of_____ is woefully inadequate, it is imperative that we, as a community, address this issue with an eye toward keeping our residents healthy while maintaining Rye's natural beauty.

The blog posts below _____,

We want to hear from you! Please take the very brief survey below ... and visit our Rye Healthy Yard page to learn more about how you can transform you yard into a space that's healthy and safe for all.


You read it correctly - we are asking you to be less green. While the local food communities speak a good deal on the value of soil quality and organic farming and the negative impact of non-organic (chemical-using) farms have on our environment, soil and water, we overlook the largest chemical using contributor - Us. The lawns with the perfectly cloned blades of grass that never seem to change color is a good example of our overuse of chemicals.  As we enter the season of lawn care, whether you enjoy spending your weekend in your yard or  you have a service, you have a choice. Do you want to help promote the health of your children, animals and loved ones not to mention the wildlife and water on your property? Or does that green blade of grass mean more to you than them?  


"Lawn chemicals are unnecessary. Historically, organic lawn care has been practiced for much longer than chemical lawn care and it can easily be implemented on any lawn. Safe and effective alternatives exist for most chemical pesticides and fertilizers. There is no need to expose our families, communities and local wildlife to chemicals that are known or to potential hazards.  Chemical pesticides and fertilizers contaminate surface and groundwater. Lawn pesticides and fertilizers can contaminate both surface and groundwater. This diminishes the quality of our drinking water as well as the quality of aquatic habitats and the health of aquatic life forms. Many fish and aquatic insect species are highly sensitive to fertilizers and pesticides." per CT NOFA


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