Municipal Landscaping Policy

Expand on the City’s use of sustainable landscaping practices by committing to pesticide-free or pesticide-reduced, organic landscaping of public property.
— Rye Sustainability Plan: Land & Water Use, Section 1.2

Rye residents have embraced the Rye Healthy Yard Program and made the Rye Healthy Yard Pledge to ensure that their homes' open spaces are beautiful and healthy for all.

Should the City of Rye do the same? Municipalities across the country have made a commitment to institute pesticide and/or chemical free landscaping practices of their public spaces.

To date, the City of Rye does not have any policy, and as such, there is little or no understanding about how our public spaces and recreation fields are treated. With increased understanding of the alarming health threats associated with chemical and synthetic landscaping practices, coupled with inadequate federal oversight, it is of utmost importance that we make a careful assessment of current practices with a view to maintaining Rye's natural beauty while improving policies for the health of the entire community.

Read below about some of the towns that have implemented natural landscaping practices.  If you think Rye should do the same, let us know by completing this very brief poll. Thank you!


Should the CIty of Rye Adopt a Healthy Lawn Policy for its Public Spaces?