Con Ed's Home Energy Report: How is Yours?

Rye resident and FCWC board member Carolyn Cunningham congratulated ConEd on their Home Energy Report pilot program. The post, which can be found in the July 2016 FCWC newsletter is reproduced here.


Congratulations to ConEd on their Home Energy Report

By Carolyn Cunningham, Board Member, Federated Conservationists of Westchester County

I hope you also received "Your Home Energy Report" as we did in the mail from ConEd a month or so ago.  It told us that our house had used 57% less energy last year than our neighbors and that it saved us about $1,720 for the year.  It also told us that we had used 30% less energy (than our neighbors) last month.  These reports are provided to help us all "make smart energy decisions."  It was gratifying to have them confirm that by not using my clothes dryer, but using the lines in the basement for drying our clothes plus being careful to turn off lights that we were not using it had paid off so handsomely.  I had stopped using the dryer (almost entirely) as something I could do to fight climate change - I knew that would cut the Green House Gas (GHG) production from our personal energy use, but not by how much.

If you have any questions about these reports you are told to contact them at 1-212-460-4738 or at   I now suggest it would be a great idea if all FCWC members would contact them (even if you can't find your report any more) because I was told that this is a pilot program of theirs only being carried out in Brooklyn and Westchester.  If the program is well received, they will expand the program.  Congratulate them on the program and it may well reduce New York State's GHG production even more.  FCWC thanks you.