Is an Electric Vehicle Right for You and Your Budget?

An example of Watt Plan's personalized summary. Click to enlarge.

Is an electric vehicle (EV) right for you and your budget? Although many major car manufacturers are adding EVs to their fleets, there's still a lot of confusion among consumers about EVs and their benefits. In fact, a recent survey found that the main issue slowing down EV adoption is lack of awareness: 60% of those surveyed said they were "unaware of electric cars.”

To help you sort through the details here's a list of a few useful sites and articles:

EPA's Green Vehicle Guide: In addition to providing an overview of "green" vehicles, this guide includes fuel-saving tips, information about fuel economy savings and a search function for finding fuel-efficient vehicles in your area.

An example of Watt Plan's personalized summary. Click to enlarge.

NYSERDA's Watt Plan is an excellent resource for determining the savings potential of an EV. It helps consumers make informed decisions on whether an EV is a good investment by calculating savings potential based on driving habits, home electricity use, and available tax incentives. You can also learn about how adding rooftop solar power to your home can increase the benefits of driving an electric vehicle by charging it with solar power.

The Sierra Club EV Guide: By taking a short quiz, this site helps you determine which type of EV is best for you and then includes a guide to research cars, calculate CO2 and fueling costs savings, and learn about EV incentives in your area.

Green Car Reports lists a number of different buying guides on its site, including model-specific and annual reviews.

So take a look and see if an EV is right for you. Rye residents own more EVs (78, according to NYSERDA data) than their neighbors, but we can do better. And once you buy your EV, check out where the charging stations are located on Plugshare or Chargepoint.