Community Composting Comes to Rye!

Thanks to the hundreds of voices that spoke out in support of Rye Sustainability's proposed food scrap recycling program, the City Council voted last night - unanimously - on a resolution to implement a pilot program in 2019!

Now the real work begins: Over the next three months Rye Sustainability members will order supplies, educate participants and set up tracking metrics with City staff members.

You can read the details of the pilot program and the text of the resolution below. Watch coverage of the Council discussion here (Item #8).

We'll be setting up a dedicated program page on the RSC website and updating interested participants of next steps. Stay tuned!

Resolution Text

Resolved, that the City Manager and Head of the Department of Public Works shall organize and execute a six-month test pilot food scrap recycling program to be supported by a $5,000 NYSERDA grant and consisting of the following:

(a)   Once-a-week food scrap curbside pickup from not more than 150 subscribers who have purchased and use appropriate kits and who have paid a subscription fee of $26/household;

(b)  A food scrap recycling drop-off location at the Disbrow recycling center available during hours set by the Head of the Department of Public Works and open to residents who have signed up and purchased and use an appropriate kit;

(c)   Data collection by the Head of the Department of Public works, to include among other things, tonnage recycled, participation rates and cost, and a written report at the end of the six-month program summarizing the quantitative data collected and reporting non-quantitative experiential information - all that would be relevant  to and as may be requested by, the  City Council to assist in consideration of any further food scrap recycling program;

(d)  Publication on the City website of the availability of the drop-off location during the pendency of the six-month program; and

(e)   The City Manager and Head of the Department of Public Works may seek advice on the design and running of the program from members of the Rye Sustainability Committee, other municipalities engaged in similar efforts and such other sources as may be appropriate.

Overview of Rye Pilot

  • Source of Funds: $5,000 NYSERDA CEC Grant for community composting and pilot participants’ subscription fee ($26/household).

  • Estimated Start Date: February 1, 2019

  • Number of Households:  A maximum of 150 households (no apartment complexes) will receive curbside FSR collection. Unlimited households, including apartments, can participate through the drop off location at Disbrow Department of Public Works.

  • Duration: 6 months

  • Subscription Fee/home: $26/household

  • Frequency: Once per week curbside collection by DPW.  The curbside collection will be on a day determined by DPW. Drop off participants may drop off during DPW open hours.

  • Drop off Location: at DPW will be open to all residents who sign up and purchase mandatory $20 or $25 starter composting kits.