Community Awareness & Outreach

Summary: Provide open communication between City Hall and Rye residents through adoption of the Rye Sustainability Plan and with the creation of a dedicated, comprehensive sustainability page on Promote a lifestyle that embraces sustainability principles through educational programs sponsored by the Rye Sustainability Committee, municipal commissions/boards, and/or local civic organizations.

The Community Awareness & Outreach (CAO) Sector's Implementation & Tracking Table can be found on page 85 of the Sustainability Plan.

projects & Initiatives

joint sound shore no-idling day 2012

In collaboration with the environmental committees of the Village of Larchmont, the Village of Mamaroneck, and the Town of Mamaroneck, RSC organized the first Sound Shore Community No-Idling Awareness Day on 4/23/12. In addition, over ten area schools participated by planning a number of educational activities and events. The goal of the initiative was to raise awareness about the environmental and health hazards of idling and to remind residents that §45-1 of the Rye City Code prohibits idling a vehicle engine longer than three minutes.

Activities and events included:

  • City Council statement declaring April 23rd “Soundshore Communities’ No-Idling Day”

  • Rye PD awareness initiatives

  • New no-idling sign at library parking lot

  • Educational activities at the schools

  • Informational material

  • Media coverage

Applicable CAO Section(s): 1.5

Related Section(s) in Sustainability Plan: Transportation: 1.6, 2.6, 2.9

rye rocks earth day 2013

Under the leadership of the Rye Arts Center, RSC participated in a community-wide celebration to commemorate Earth Day in Rye on April 20, 2013. Local organizations took part in a variety of activities designed to promote awareness of and showcase the natural beauty found in our waterfront community.

RSC provided general information on green landscaping practices while promoting the health and safety benefits of pesticide-free yards, composting and leave leaves alone initiatives.

Applicable CAO Section(s): 1.5

Related Section(s) in Sustainability Plan:

  • Waste Reduction: 2.6

  • Water/Land Use: 2.4

Green Screen Series

Green Screen 2011

RSC's first Green Screen presented Bag It, a documentary about film maker Jeb Berrier, who makes a pledge to stop using plastic bags at the grocery store and how this commitment transformed his life.

Green Screen 2013

RSC's 2013 Green Screen presented No Impact Man, a documentary about Colin Beavan, who made the decision to give up virtually all of the comforts of modern living -- electricity, gas-powered transportation, shipped food and public waste disposal -- in a drastic effort to curb his environmental impact.

Green Screen 2016

RSC's 2016 Green Screen presented Idle Threat: Man on Emission, a documentary about film maker George Pakenham's attempts to reduce air pollution and combat climate change by exposing New York City's lax enforcement efforts.

See Resources for additional information.

Applicable CAO Section(s): 1.5, 1.8

Related Section(s) in Sustainability Plan: WR: 2.7; Transportation: 1.6, 2.6, 2.9

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