The Rye Sustainability Committee's mission is to draft and assist in the implementation of a Sustainability Plan for the City of Rye while addressing significant environmental issues in our community.


In 2010, the Rye City Council directed three members of the City’s Conservation Commission Advisory Council (CC/AC) to study the feasibility of establishing a municipal sustainability committee. At a September 27, 2010 City Council workshop, CC/AC members presented their findings and stressed the need for a sustainability committee to draft and implement a Rye Sustainability Plan that would incorporate the City’s sustainability goals and initiatives. On October 10, 2010, the City Council passed a resolution forming the Rye Sustainability Committee (RSC) with nine volunteer members from the community.

RSC members spent over two years gathering information, studying best practices, collecting and analyzing data, and spearheading various initiatives. They also worked closely with the Mayor, City Council members and staff to obtain relevant information for inclusion in the Plan. In addition, the RSC organized public events to educate the community and gather feedback. The Rye Sustainability Plan was adopted by City Council in September 2013.

The Rye Sustainability Plan incorporates the City's sustainability goals and initiatives, taking into consideration Rye's unique natural, social and economic characteristics. Rye's unique position as one of Westchester County's most desirable communities depends on its citizens - with the guidance of the RSC - to preserve its open spaces, maintain a clean and attractive shoreline, and promote a healthy environment; all while ensuring economic growth.


  • Amy Kesavan

  • Jenny Hirsch

  • Linda Mackay

  • Kelly Smith-Powers

  • Annalise Stack

  • Melissa Grieco (Chair)

  • Gretchen Kaye Crowley (Vice-Chair)

  • Patti Capparelli

  • Suzanne Clary

  • Susan Drouin


  • 2015 Wainwright House Fonrose Wainwright Condit Heart & Soul Award

  • 2012 Rye Nature Center Environmental Stewardship Award

  • 2012 EPA Environmental Quality Award for Protecting and Enhancing Environmental Quality

  • 2018 Nomination for James A. and Marian M. Shea Community Service Award