The Rye Sustainability Plan was adopted by City Council in September 2013. The Plan is the result of a collaborative city-wide effort to construct a comprehensive, strategic and flexible framework for sustainability. It is a guide to assist the community in achieving critical sustainability goals while conserving Rye’s existing natural beauty and robust economy. The Rye Sustainability Plan will form the basis for achieving this goal. It will require periodic updates as Rye grows, technology changes, and as we reassess priorities.

With the completion of Rye’s energy audit, RSC is now in a position to set goals and implement a plan for Rye. The Sustainability Plan groups these goals and initiatives into five sectors, each sub-divided into community and municipal sections:

·      Energy

·      Transportation

·      Waste Reduction/Recycling/Green Products

·      Water/Land Use

·      Community Awareness/Outreach

These initiatives are intended to be recommendations. Some actions have been completed, some are in progress, and some are long-term goals. Over time, these initiatives may need to be revised and refined, given budget constraints or changes in the needs of the community.