The Rye Tree Fund

Photo Courtesy of Sonja Bartlett

Photo Courtesy of Sonja Bartlett

In conjunction with encouraging tree planting and preservation on private property, launch a
campaign for soliciting private donations to a City tree fund.
— Rye Sustainability Plan: Land & Water Use, Section 1.8

Branching Out for Rye

With the goals of the Rye Sustainability Plan in mind, Rye Sustainability Committee is pleased to announce the launch of a tree fund named Branching Out for Rye to raise funds for the planting of city trees throughout Rye.

The fund will help replace lost trees by collecting donations of any amount from Rye residents to defray the costs associated with the City of Rye's planning, purchasing, planting and maintenance of municipal trees. RSC will work with The City of Rye to identify appropriate locations in public spaces for native or non-invasive species of trees. We will provide periodic updates on how Tree Fund donations are being used.

What's The Goal of Branching Out for Rye?

Tree FUnd Committee

  • Melissa Grieco (Chair)

  • Sue Drouin

The immediate goal is to increase the City of Rye's funds for its tree planning and planting needs, but a broader objective is to underscore the importance of trees as a vital asset to the community. To that end, RSC will assist the City to reinstate its Tree City USA membership, which was lost in 2006. The program, which "celebrates the importance of an urban tree canopy," provides direction, technical assistance and national recognition for its members.

Working together to restore and protect our trees, RSC hopes that this public/private partnership will increase the number of appropriate trees in Rye so that the entire community can enjoy the social, economic and environmental benefits of trees.

Benefits of Trees

In recent years, Rye has lost countless large, mature trees to development, construction, old age and weather events, such as Hurricanes Irene and Sandy.

Trees are a critical feature of our city as they not only provide aesthetic appeal but enhance property values, combat air pollution, and mitigate storm water runoff and flooding among many other beneficial functions.

The Sustainability Spotlight on Trees section on p. 96 of the Rye Sustainability Plan outlines a number of ways in which trees are beneficial to the community. Please see the Resources section and Related Posts below for further information.


We welcome donations of any amount, which can be made online (a fee of 2.65% will be charged) or by check.

Donations are tax deductible. Please contact the City Comptroller for the relevant form.

Click to see sample online payment

Online: Payments can be made through the City of Rye's online payment services.

  • Enter TREE FUND in the Tax Bill # field

  • Enter your home address in the Property Address field

By Check: Please send a check made payable to City of Rye, NY with Tree Fund noted in the memo line. The mailing address is:

Attn: City of Rye Comptroller
Finance Department
1051 Boston Post Road
Rye, NY 10580

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