Rye Healthy Yard Program

All photos are of Rye residents' natural and organic yards.

What is the Rye Healthy Yard Program?

Initiate an awareness campaign to educate homeowners about the harmful effects of pesticide/fertilizer use on lawns, while offering natural, safe alternatives
— Rye Sustainability Plan: Land & Water Use, Section 2.1

The Rye Healthy Yard Program seeks to promote awareness about the health and environmental benefits of using natural landscaping practices in our community. Learn more about how to transform your yard into a natural and open space that is healthy for all, and take the Rye Healthy Yard Pledge.

healthy is good

Good for the community: Rye is home to many families; young children are especially vulnerable to the effects of chemicals and other pollution.

Good for the environment: As part of the Blind Brook Watershed, our storm water directly impacts an important estuary that supports all kinds of wildlife.

Good for your wallet: Natural yard care can be less expensive than conventional yard care. Get off the spray & pay treadmill and buy only what you need, when you need it.

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Rye Healthy Yard Committee

  • Sue Drouin
  • Elizabeth Garrett (RHYP Chair)
  • Sara Goddard (Rye City Council)
  • Maria Guarnieri
  • Amy Kesavan
  • Colleen Margiloff