Water/Land Use

Summary: Conserve Rye’s most precious asset – its natural, open spaces – through enforcement and enhancement of existing laws, by adopting sustainable landscaping practices, and by minimizing environmental pollution. Mitigate flooding and encourage conservation of Rye’s waterways and water supply through water saving measures.

The Water/Land Use (WLU) Sector's Implementation & Tracking Table can be found on page 84 of the Sustainability Plan.

projects & Initiatives

rye rocks earth day 2013

Under the leadership of the Rye Arts Center, RSC participated in a community-wide celebration to commemorate Earth Day in Rye on April 20, 2013. Local organizations took part in a variety of activities designed to promote awareness of and showcase the natural beauty found in our waterfront community.

RSC provided general information on green landscaping practices while promoting the health and safety benefits of pesticide-free yards, composting and leave leaves alone initiatives.

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Applicable WLU Section(s): 2.4

Related Section(s) in Sustainability Plan:

  • Waste Reduction: 2.6

  • Community Awareness & Outreach: 1.5

rye healthy yard program

The Rye Healthy Yard Program seeks to promote awareness about the health and environmental benefits of using natural landscaping practices in our community.

Applicable WLU Section(s): 2.1

Related Section(s) in Sustainability Plan: Community Awareness & Outreach: 1.5

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